Great Leaders Take bold decisions

Author: Pradeep Reddy Kamasani Date: 30-April-2020 If we study the great leaders in the history, their decisions are very bold and impacted positively to the businesses or for communities. As a the great innovator and the man who built one…

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5 Awesome Tips About Managing Entrepreneur’s Time During Covid-19 Pandemic

It’s been almost one month we are in lockdown due to covid-19.Many countries are following lockdown or at least have some measures taken to maintain social distancing in public places and also at homes.The current generation never seen this kind…

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pradeep reddy kamasani -entreprenuer and angel Investor

5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Startup Ecosystem

5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Startup Ecosystem by #AskPK talk show.In this video you will hear from Entreprenuer,Angel Investor,Advisor –Pradeep Reddy Kamasani about the developments in Startup Ecosystem,Angel Investments,Venture funding and Ease of doing business,Government Policies etc. Here is his…

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An Introduction to the World of Venture Capital

When startups need funding, venture capital is one option they might consider. Getting funding from a VC firm can offer certain advantages to new businesses that may not be able to get approved for traditional loans. Thanks to the rise of crowdfunding,…

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