Date: 30-April-2020

If we study the great leaders in the history, their decisions are very bold and impacted positively to the businesses or for communities. As a the great innovator and the man who built one of the best brand Apple on this planet, Steve Jobs said about one of the quality of a leader like “My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to make them better.”

Leaders think and take bold decisions for the good of people, to improve the quality of lives, to improve conditions of the poor people to elevate from poverty, give them good education, basic healthcare support, Job creation programs etc. The decisions of some great leaders will have huge positive impact on the society at large.

I feel few qualities of a great leader are like vision, integrity, inspire others, commitment and passion, good communicator, decision making, courage and clarity.

Definitely everyone can’t be a leader but we can learn many things from great leaders in the history and work backwards to connect the dots for the better future. Personally I have learnt many good things from great leaders. One of the important factor I observed is to believe in our gut, will power should be strong. Once we believe in something strong we can do with the power of will, We can overcome with any kind of hurdles and fight back and become successful. Don’t loose hope when you are down, keep trying you will never  regret.

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