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Great Leaders Take bold decisions

Date: 30-April-2020 If we study the great leaders in the history, their decisions are very bold and impacted positively to the businesses or for communities. As a the great innovator and the man who built one of the best brand…

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An Introduction to the World of Venture Capital

When startups need funding, venture capital is one option they might consider. Getting funding from a VC firm can offer certain advantages to new businesses that may not be able to get approved for traditional loans. Thanks to the rise of crowdfunding,…

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Develop Your Mobile App with Your Audience in Mind

Before you begin developing or even planning your mobile app, consider your audience. Think about the profile of those who will use the app, their goals and challenges, and how your solution will help them. This is especially important when…

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Take Mobile Application Security Seriously

Mobile apps are vulnerable, by definition. Whether your mobile app is in a heavily regulated industry like finance or health care or not, you must take privacy and security measures to protect your users and their data and, if applicable,…

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Test as if Your App Depends on It, Because It Does

Testing is not another step in the development process; testing is a part of each step of the process. You must constantly and consistently test everything about your app. Test the design. Test the functionality. Test the performance. Test interactions…

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Mobile App description

App store optimization can bring a great deal of organic traffic and downloads for mobile apps. While there are multiple components of ASO that you have to account for, the app description is perhaps the most important of them all. The next step…

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