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Don’t live the same life 75 years and call that a life. Do something interesting to you. Have courage to create. Take risks. Our world needs more CREATORS not CONSUMERS. More Entrepreneurs more jobs can be created.Hence we promote Entrepreneurship from the root level like schools and colleges,universities.

Pradeep Reddy 2X Founder, and Angel investor. I have 2 decades of overall experience in Tech and Business. I help early stage companies as Business Mentor, Startup Mentor, Advisor to scale up their business and create some positive impact to sustainable economic development.

Pradeep has work experience with global clients across North America, Europe, Canada, Australia and India. My skill set is into Technology, Business, Marketing, Sales and Growth hacking, Fund Raising,  Investor relations. I promote Entrepreneurship, Innovation for sustainable growth and development.

Pradeep is an Angel Investor, Board of Director, Advisor, Mentor to three fast growing companies in EdTech, HealthCare & a Tech consulting company. Speaker, Jury Member and Panelist. I have a growing network of 3000+ LinkedIn connections of Founders, Decision Makers, Investors and CXO’s globally.

Specialties: Certified Hubspot inbound marketing, Marketing Automation, Data Driven Marketing, Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Business Development, Partnerships, Enterprise Application Development, Maintenance, Support and Integration, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Pradeep help startups and early stage companies as an Advisor, Mentor, Board Member with my above skills. Dedicated to the growth of these companies. Like to get engaged in solving bigger problems which will impact our world in a positive direction. Through his efforts directly or indirectly has helped to create 1000+ jobs globally.

Our Business Mentor and Business Advisory Services

  • Founders Coaching (1-1)
  • Online Mentorship
  • Professional Mentor-ship
  • Mentor Online
  • Small Business Mentoring Service
  • Online Mentoring Programs
  • Business Mentoring Programs
  • Corporate Mentoring Programs
  • Entrepreneur Mentors
  • Business Coaching Mentoring
  • Startup Adviser / Startup Advisers
  • Board Of Advisers
  • Business Advisers


Let’s connect here, HunterTech help’s Small to Medium businesses with Digital Transformation Solutions. HunterTech promote Entrepreneurship and Innovation