PHP Backend Developer

Ability to guide clients to create thoughtful, scalable, and sustainable feature sets.


  1. At least 2-3 years experience developing websites with a combination of: PHP / MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery development in *AMP environments.
  2.  Ecommerce development experience.
  3.  Experience working with rapid development frameworks (CakePHP primarily, Zend, Syphmony, Ruby on Rails, etc).
  4.  Experience with a wide variety of CMS systems (WordPress, Drupal, Expression Engine, etc).
  5.  Experience implementing standards based websites built for accessibility, SEO and interactivity.
  6.  Experience working with social network API’s (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc).
  7.  Exceptional understanding of and practice using Object Oriented Coding principles.
  8.  Flexibility to juggle multiple projects while being able to solve problems independently, adapt to quickly changing priorities, maintain a high-level of work under pressure, and deliver on required timelines.
  9.  Ability to effectively communicate your work with both technical and non-technical peers.
  10.  Enjoy working both in teams and independently as required by the projects and tasks at hand.
  11.  Superior attention to detail and a strong ability to Q/A one’s own work required.
  12.  Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or equivalent.
  13.  Server management and load-balancing experience.
  14.  Facebook application development experience.
  15.  Mobile website development experience.

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