Content Writer

Seeking a Content Writer/Jr. Digital Marketing Executive with a focus on strong, persuasive and dynamic writing skills, interested in starting or advancing a career in digital marketing. Digital marketing experience a bonus.


  1. Produce content regularly for different forms and mediums – articles, social media posts, website content, etc.
  2.  Own implementation of cohesive product voice across all categories of writing.
  3.  Learn or master social media tools and basic content management system publishing tools.
  4.  Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability.
  5.  Produce research reports on market trends and industry properties.
  6.  Learn or master digital marketing publishing and analytics tools such as Google Adwords, Facebook, etc.


  1. Versatile, stylish content writing skills across multiple forms (blogs, articles, social media, etc.).
  2.  Experience in or desire to work in digital marketing.
  3.  Knowledge of digital marketing strategy and style trends.
  4.  Knowledge of social media tools and how to use them.
  5.  Strong grasp of English.
  6.  Digital marketing experience and experience in digital marketing tools a strong bonus.

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